List of Services

I'm excited to offer flight booking services and photography sessions. To request more information on each or to book a service, scroll down or head over to my contact page. 

 I'm an art director by trade. To see my portfolio or get in touch about freelance opportunities, visit my personal website.

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Flight Booking Services

Let's get real for a second.

Flights are the most intimidating part of any trip because of how much money they cost up front. It also just so conveniently happens that the coolest places to travel to are also the most expensive. Enter my weird knack for finding cheap flights. I hunt down the cheapest tickets, you go on the adventure.

What you'll get:

We take my expertise finding inexpensive flights and design you an itinerary that gets you where you're trying to go. We'll chat at length about your trip details and what you're willing to sacrifice to get the cheapest ticket possible. The more information you can provide me, the better tailored your results will be. Are you flexible with what country you visit? How do you feel about not flying non-stop? What about manual layovers? There's a $10 upfront fee, and upon booking the ticket(s), the remaining rate will reflect 10% of the overall ticket savings, all of which can be paid through Venmo. Additionally, I'll be available during your vacation to ensure everything goes as planned and answer any questions that pop up. 

To inquire more information or get in touch, head over to my contact page. Include "Flight Booking Services" in the subject line.

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Photography Services

I joke that my favorite place to be is behind a lens. 

Capturing precious moments in time is my art form of choice. Traveling and seeing the world on the other side of a camera has only solidified that. Be it a senior photo session, an engagement, or an everyday photoshoot, I want to help you tell your story. My past photography work can be found on my photography page.

What you'll get:

We'll collaborate meticulously beforehand about what exactly you want in your photos. We'll go over possible locations for shoots and look at any photos you want to use as inspiration, whether it be a specific pose you like or a style of editing. My hourly rate is $80 and includes a digital portfolio of high resolution, fully edited photos. A booking fee of $20 holds your appointment, and the remaining $60 is due at the time of the photoshoot. All sessions must take place in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand. 

To inquire more information or get in touch, head over to my contact page. Include "Photography Service" in the subject line.