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Don't Fight the Flight- $299 Roundtrip to Bogota, Colombia

Don't Fight the Flight- $299 Roundtrip to Bogota, Colombia

WOW what a whirl-wind week this has been. Turns out, publishing a blog post for the entire world to see is actually scarier than, you know, traveling the entire world solo. Ha. Go figure. 

GUYS (!!!) - thank you, thank you, thank you for the support. The response to my last blog post has been incredible. I am absolutely beside myself with appreciation. Now I’m no professional data cruncher, but I picked up on two trends in particular that seem to resonate:

  1. You value traveling affordably
  2. There’s an expansive world out there, and you want to see it.

That's great news because me too!!!! SooOOOo hello?? What’s a girl to do other than fuel the fire even more? I don't know whether to apologize for the havoc I'm about to wreak, or smile for a slow round of claps....

Enter the first of my roundups- I find the deals and do the research… and you decide what to do from there. Now I can't vouch for these vacations, nor am I necessarily encouraging you to go. All I'm here to do is give you all the resources you need to capitalize on a (cheap) trip.

If you’re in, I’m in. And I gotta say- this fare is pretty dang good. Ready?


Fare: $299

Carrier: LATAM (baggage policy here)

Travel Dates: Select dates between October 12- December 12

From: Miami, FL

Now wait a second. I know what you’re thinking. How in the actual hel- shhh hush, hush, little skeptic. I've got exciting news- LATAM is having their mid-year sale. If you purchase this LATAM voucher (we’re gonna call it that because that’s essentially what it is), you can travel to Bogota on select days of your choosing. And I must say- the fine print isn’t nearly as restrictive as I was expecting. It seems overwhelming at first, but it’s actually quite digestible. You can read the conditions here. If you're serious about booking, I recommend reading them closely (and then reading them again).

** LATAM'S mid-year sale ends Tuesday the 8th at 11:59 PM

For the frugal: Bogota Dream Hostel

From $6. Ok, so maybe it's not the most attractive option. But you know what it is? Cheap. And let me tell you something, "cheap" goes a long way in my book.


For the treat: Casa Medina

From $190. You're saving money on flights, so if there ever was an excuse to splurge on accommodation, this is it. I dare you to glimpse at the Four Seasons Casa Medina and not drool. Seriously- between the hotel's lush gardens and the elegant interiors, $190 is starting to seem cheap...


For the aesthetics: Aurora Hostel

From $35. Never have I been so satisfied by pictures of a hostel. With it's minimalist inspired decor, it's the ultimate millennial trap. HELLO, did you SEE the beautiful interiors?? Every room is practically an instagram waiting to happen. I'm not upset.


If it were me: Alegrias Hostel

From $9. It's got the old Colombian aesthetics, free wifi, and a prime location. Plus, it's uber affordable: one week will only put you back $60. Does it get better? (I'll wait).

Wander the streets- It's no secret: Bogota boasts some very bold streets. Hit up La Candelaria neighborhood in the Centro Historico for some colorful "calles" (streets). From there, soak up the stunning graffiti throughout the city on a street art tour

Behold the Salt Cathedrals in Zipa- Even though these wonders are technically an hour outside of Bogota, I'm still including them because it's a reasonable day trip, and you'd be crazy to skip out. (While you're out there, I've heard the city of Chia has a restaurant with a 75 page menu and an interesting atmosphere) 

Eat your way through the streets- The street food scene in Bogota is ~lit~, as the kids would say. Indulge your Colombian food palette and taste as much of the local cuisine as possible. A dollar goes a loooong way.

Take a cable car up to Mount Monserrate - For unrivaled views and old world charm, this is not to be missed. If the cable car ticket isn't in the budget, you can hike up to the top for free.

Take an mini trip-within-a-trip to Cartagena- At $40 for a bus ticket or $60(ish) dollars for a budget plane ticket, you can check off one additional Colombian city. The colorful city of Cartagena has been called a "Colombian Treasure", and for good reason. From Old Town to the heavenly beaches, all the way to the mud bath in a volcano (yes, this is real life) there's really not a lack of things to do.

BONUS: Trek the "ciudad perdida"- aka the lost city: If you've got time to kill and a passion for hiking, this 5 day trek is not to be missed. It's not exactly in Bogota either (read: on the other side of the country) and requires a chunk of extra time, but on the experience scale, this one is a 10. For more information on this hike, I highly recommend Uncornered Market's detailed guide.

(photo credit to rightful owners- I do not own any of these pictures)

So, you ready to book?

Click the button below, and you'll be whisked away to the LATAM website. Magic.


Are you sold? I am. How do you think I should go about telling my professors to count me out of a solid week of classes?

Hope you enjoyed this weekly roundup. Happy Monday! 

Que Guapa Guate

Que Guapa Guate

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