This is your captain speaking. Thanks for stopping by.  I look up plane tickets in my free time, but you probably guessed that much. 

birmingham blues

birmingham blues

yesterday i bought the first of my clothes.

two days ago, my industrial sized suitcase arrived.

a week ago, i purchased my second plane ticket, the one from india to morocco.


it's all becoming very real.


less than a month to go. 24 days to be exact. my excitement has invited nerves to the party, & while i'm almost certain they're the good kind of nerves, i much prefer the initial eclipse of total anticipation. 

blame it on my frequent trips to birmingham-  & i'll take this moment to publicly denounce travel vaccines as the spawn of satan- but i'm already homesick. the more i travel home, the more i miss it all terribly- my family, my friends, my city...


i miss the familiar. 


but maybe it's the familiar i'm trying to escape after all. contentment is life's finest trap. the more my nerves remind me of my pre-departure apprehension, the more my heart reminds me of the new experiences ahead. great adventures are never born out of comfort. 


while i'll miss my family and friends nearly too much to bear, i cannot put into words the excitement of the new & unknown.




t - minus 24 days.

(spoiler, it's actually a lot harder than you think to find culturally appropriate clothes that are both practical and cute. high expectations strongly discouraged.)

itinerary of summer

itinerary of summer

california dreamin'

california dreamin'