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Mountain Time

Mountain Time

This always happens to me. I go somewhere new and exciting, and then I come home only to be consumed by everything life could possibly throw at me at once.

But this time. This time, I am writing the dang post. I mean, we were in one of the coolest places in all of the USA. And I was in the company of four of the most incredible humans to have ever graced this earth. And I got a new camera. Did I mention I got a new camera?

For us kiddos at Alabama, we get this thing called Fall Break. I like to explain it as Spring Break's underrated but totally cool little sister. Fall Break is great. And this Fall Break was no exception.

I'll begin by verbally introducing you to my best friends- you have jenny, "jen" (my compact lil bundle of all the joy in the world); caroline, "caro" (my wittiest and favorite part of life); meghan, "meg" (the most precious of all angels); and amelia, "mealz" (my most favorite gypsy soul). together, we're nothing short of a total mess.

When Fall Break plans were solidified, we basically gave up any and all rights we had to quiet and relaxation. But hey, nobody was upset. well we weren't, anyway. I cant speak for the people around us...

We decided- rather apprehensively, I must admit- to make the 7 hour drive all crammed into my little Honda. She's fun and sporty when it's just me-- but with 5 girls and all their luggage, she has this strange propensity to transform into a fire red clown car. Go figure, right?

The luggage situation was absolutely ridiculous. For the 3 full days we had in North Carolina, we could have probably combined our clothes and successfully dressed the entire country of China. Like, to give you an idea of how much crap we stuffed into the back of my car, we didn't even get everything in my trunk. And I have the Mary-Poppins bag of trunks. So we proceeded to stuff things under our feet, under seats, literally anywhere we could find. My car must have gained 200 pounds in 20 minutes of sheer luggage. Part of my soul died every time the road would dip down. the bottom of my car is just destroyed. RIP.

Against all odds, we made it to Maggie Valley, North Carolina in one piece. And only at the expense of one gas station worker's mental well-being and a few other fellow drivers peaceful commutes, might I add. Score for us!

In terms of accommodation, we had the immense joy of staying with my Grandmom and Grandad, who spoiled us rotton with love and open arms. They absolutely mean the entire world to me. And my friends just adore them now, too. i'm a happy girl.

Thursday morning, as we got up one by one, we made ourselves coffee and munched on breakfast. We'd open the front door and stand on the deck, allowing ourselves to be lost in the overwhelming beauty of the mountains.  The morning of our first day was spent at an abandoned amusement park. I really don't think we had planned to go there, but it happened, and boy, was I happy it did. I got to practice with my new camera, and our little adventure quickly morphed into a photoshoot. My poor victims-- I mean, friends.

On day two, we met up with our precious best friend Laura in Asheville at the swankiest lil cafe (tupelo honey cafe- 10/10, would highly recommend). On this day, we broke out the go-pro and began our prolonged abuse of the "record" button.


Rather than write a detailed account of our vacation, I am going to allow the video to pick up from where I left off. I think it does such a great job of capturing the pure sunshine these 5 brought me. 

Let me know what you think- I sure did have the time of my life filming and putting this together! 


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