sydney estill


An art director by trade, I work on advertising campaigns by day and spend my free time looking up plane tickets. I've got this insatiable need to see the world, and I'm on a mission to do it.

Resident of the Road started out as personal journal of mine. I was eager to document my experiences as I encountered the unfamiliar. Somewhere along the way, it morphed into a public project of sorts. As I've delighted in new cultures and embraced the joys and heartbreaks of the world, this blog has evolved with me. My sincerest hope is that Resident of the Road inspires you to travel, no matter your budget or experience.

A lot has changed in the few years I've been traveling.  Two years ago, I'd hardly traveled outside North America, let alone solo. Since then, I've been to 4 continents and more than 10 countries, all while being a full-time college student. I never expected to fall so deeply in love with the thrills of new places and cultures.  I've grown more comfortable with the uncomfortable and more assured in who I am as a person. Traveling is just as much a crash course on yourself as it is the world- my experiences have taught me that much. No matter the adventure, it's never enough.


gypsy soul / birmingham native / student art director


May we travel deeper, not wider.




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